Lance Fortnow

Lance Fortnow

Former Students

Arefin Huq (Georgia Institute of Technlogy Ph.D. 2016)
Research Software Engineer, Google.

Joshua Grochow (University of Chicago Ph.D. 2012)
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder.

Varsha Dani (University of Chicago Ph.D. 2008)
Research Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico.

Jason Teutsch (Indiana University Ph.D. 2007)
Founder, TrueBit.

Rahul Santhanam (University of Chicago Ph.D. 2005)
Professor, University of Oxford.

Luis Antunes (Porto University Ph.D. 2002)
Associate Professor, Porto University.

Dieter van Melkebeek (University of Chicago Ph.D. 1999)
Professor, University of Wisconsin at Madison.

Sophie Laplante (University of Chicago Ph.D. 1997)
Professeur, Université Paris Diderot Paris 7.

Lide Li (University of Chicago Ph.D. 1993)

Carsten Lund (University of Chicago Ph.D. 1991)
AT&T Research.